Friday, November 15, 2013

Other Legal Podcasts To Check Out

I was going to make this list for a professor at my law school and I decided, why not share it with the world?

Here are the law podcasts I currently listen to. If you want to know about the sports podcasts or tech podcasts I listen to, I made lists for those this past summer (they have changed a bit, but not a ton).


More policy than law, but close enough for this list, I think.

Whether you're a conservative or not, you have to understand that these shows have a conservative bias. That means if you're representing a client, you'll have to think through if what they are saying is actually the law or what conservatives want to be the law. The Federalist Society also has event podcasts, a faculty division podcast and a SCOTUS podcast. If I had time, I'd listen to those too, but I don't have time. In fact, there are a LOT of legal podcasts out there, but I just don't have time to listen to them all!


Actually, I just added this, so I don't have anything to say about it.

Finnegan is one of the largest IP law firms in the world.

This is half law podcast and half commercial for their clients. I've obviously got it in my feeds, but if you're only an occasional podcast listener, I'd suggest finding other feeds.

They probably don't want to be associated with "Intellectual Property," but the whole idea that IP isn't, well, property, seems to be based on some natural law definition of property. Humans invented property and we can make property rights out of whatever we want. Of course, I will have multiple graduate degrees once I finish law school, so maybe the whole philosophical idea of property sits better with me than the general public. From a political perspective, maybe disassociating IP from real property makes sense, but it still seems odd to me. Real property is not without limits. There are easements. There are rules against restricting alienation. If land were some easy thing with no "fair use" or "exhaustion" rights, then we wouldn't need to spend a whole semester on it in law school. There'd be a clinic for learning how to file deeds or something, and that would be it. Obviously, I'm on a soap box, so let me get off of it and say that this is a great show. It's less legal focused now that Karen is no longer at the SFLC and is at the GNOME Foundation, but it's still great and there's still a lot of great legal content.

There's probably not a lot I can say about the podcast without talking about the organization, so I'll just say check them out. They are a great organization.

This is part of TWiT. It probably needs no introduction.

Unfortunately, this is no longer active, but I've still got a ton of content to go through in my feed, so it makes the list for now.

Sports Law (it's true that this has little to do with Music Manumit, but might as well keep them all in one place)

Strictly speaking, this is not a sports law podcast. However, they do delve into sports law issues on occasion. It's worth keeping in your feed if you're interested in policy issues in the beautiful game.

This is great if you're interested in international governance. It's not so great if you're interested in US law.

It doesn't come out often enough for me to have a lot to say about them, but I have listened to every episode and I still have it in my feed, so that should tell you something. username: DouglasAWh. username: douglasawh
stativerse: daw

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