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Freak Fandango Orchestra - 131124 - Music Manumit Podcast

Freak Fandango Orchestra

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In this episode:
We talk with Freak Fandango Orchestra

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

Background: last time we had them on: link

Jordi: violin player

Jürgen: vocalist

Lots of technical problems, with some jokes which may or may not stay in the final episode. Better listen to find out!

New Crowdfunding venture:

studio in January

Full album?
9 songs (and perhaps a remix!)

Demo tracks people can hear?
nothing recorded yet

What has happened since last time?
was right after recording the


What’s the new album like? Any new directions?
no big surprises, but better!

Requiem for a Fish biggest song off last album: link

brass section last time: trumpet player had just joined the band.

Alfonso was violin player last time, but moved to Canada
Alfonso came back.

plastic trombone...sounds good

optical on trombone is cool

Another video:

normally use CC for:

Jordi is a good dancer.

Hiring a choreographer if crowdfunding goes well

What was the end result for use in the ballet?
local press did an interview

Planned the artwork for the new album?
Drummer did the old artwork

the logo: image

new artwork is not yet finished

there are some sketches

How did Jordi join the band?
1.5 years ago, because old violin player went to Canada

was in a Conservatory

checked out FFO on Internet and went to a rehearsal

after the beers, it was easy!

Who edited the video:
Vimeo version:

Professional video is better.

Sweet prizes in crowdfunding?
CD with sweet art: 12 Euros

Romantic gift



lots of English and German tourist

busking went well (they gave them money!)

the police are not fans of busking

the police were aggressive

Do you have the studio picked out?
studio is not booked specifically, but they have talked to the studio

but studio is not going to be happy!

Did you write for an album, or just selection of songs?
Selection of songs

Crowdfunding is dangerous because you feel like losers if you don’t make it.

example of failed Kickstarters and what it looks like: link

Might be better to let them fail if you don’t make the goal.

Doug dispenses with a tip

New album title
“We’ll Save The World”

Any touring after recording the album?
small tour, but difficult because a lot of organization

almost certainly Barcelona and Madrid...and maybe elsewhere

Jamendo award for Jürgen

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