Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Rest of this Semester, Next Semester, and Beyond

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Well, it's the same title I gave over at Sportazine, but it's not the same content. Presumably, no one cares about TINT or Sports Law here.

The Rest of the Semester
There's about a month and a half left in the semester. I doubt Brian is going to get his trademark podcasts out. Unless I republish or rearrange my upcoming Sports Law and IP post from Sportazine, I doubt I'll be getting up anything else this semester. My courses are Patent Practice, Sports Law, Administrative Procedure, Technology Licensing, Writing for Practice and an Independent Study getting NEF up and running. Now, maybe there's something about copyright licensing from Tech Licensing or maybe there's something somewhere else, but there's nothing obvious. The Copyright Office is part of the Library of Congress, so it's not an executive agency. It's not really worth getting into, but basically I don't know that there's a lot. Now, the PTO handles trademarks and maybe there's something there, but at the end of the day, I probably just don't have time. Aside from classes and the NEF sites, I'm also working on a compilation with blocSonic and Living Libre, which will be out in December.

Next Semester
This is the main reason for me writing. The announcement is that I’ll be living in Baltimore and externing at Johns Hopkins University next semester in their Tech Transfer department. 
I don’t know what that means yet for the Lawcast. I don’t know what I’ll be at liberty to say due to attorney-client privilege, but I’ll bring as much to you as I can. I do know they are interested in having me do some copyright work, so there might be something I can bring to the blog. For now, don't expect anything next semester.

At this point, there's not much to say about beyond. For OSP and Sportazine, I can assume that once I get a job, output will be much like things were before going to law school. However, the Lawcast did not exist until midway through 1L year, so there's no precedent. Of course, I now have other people contributing to OSP and Sportazine, which was not the case before law school. There's still no one else really contributing to the Lawcast, though certainly Nick and Brian have in the past. My hope is that I get someone to write regularly on the Lawcast. If you think that person could be you, please let me know!

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