Sunday, October 6, 2013

Malaventura - 131006 - Music Manumit Podcast

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In this episode:
We talk with musician and visual artist Malaventura.

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

he doesn’t own the .com

Tell us about the band/project and tell us what’s new!

There’s a Mexican movie.

There’s a

Where did the project name originate?
means misfortune in Spanish

More about the musical project

electronic audio collage


audio-visual work.

he studied audio-visual communication

rearrange public domain movies from

extract tiny pieces and compose an audio visual track

going to Slovenia for an audio-visual show

How did you get started?
It came naturally.

started remixing vinyl

making an audio-visual Frankenstein

video mix?

ableton for audio

There are some albums (the ones on the FMA) that are just audio. Do they lose something or do you think about how they are separately as audio?
When he wants video, he puts video

just two different ways of doing things

CC video on YouTube?
experiment with the video editor

twitter crowdsourcing

William Burroughs


Why do you go by two names?

‘Mal(a.ventura)2 is the collaboration between Malaventura and his friend and director Jesus Hernandez (aka Alejandro Ventura when plays the piano and composes scores). They explore the minimal universe with his own weapons, malaventura use his laptop and effects (that remain you the BBC workshop sound in some parts) and Alejandro Ventura with the classic piano (with a ghostly cadence that make you think in a Satie of the XXIe Si├Ęcle).’

Alejandro Ventura is living far away now...that’s just a moniker.


Can you clarify your license for us?
everything on the website is -ND, but most of the stuff on is BY-NC-SA...maybe that’s a mistake on FMA? I guess we’ll find out!

This is PD mark though:

don’t give a shit about this one!

if you can make money with it, go for it!

01 released on Public Domain day

first cd

digital things are great, but physical things are cool too.


one of a kind CDs!

radiofantasma is perhaps the weirdest thing from malaventura!

made a cut up of cut ups!

fuck the cut up!

Do you have any other artistic projects, besides malaventura?
Family is the other project!

Carmen (4 years old)

Marina (3 months)


(or buy from the store!)

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about before we let you get back to work?
souvenirs project?

There’s a video on the website about the problems in Europe with borders. Immigrants dying trying to get to Europe. Trying to build a more open Europe.

If you want to find out more about the immigration problems in Europe, check out this video: link