Sunday, October 27, 2013

Get Online - 131027 - Music Manumit Podcast

Myst Online URU
Myst Online URU (Photo credit: samdecle)

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In this episode:
The scheduled guest was a no-show, so Tom and Doug talk about online music promotion and the platform, and more.

Here are Doug's notes from the show.

Future of Music Coalition stuff



FMA is a 501(c)(3):

The show we recorded when the lights went out at CC:


Baltimore stuff

Doug mentions that he’ll be interning at Johns Hopkins Tech Transfer next semester. Probably will have very little effect on the show because if we do any cool CC stuff, will probably not be able to talk about the behind the scenes stuff.

Read more at the-rest-of-this-semester-next-semester.html

Lorenzo’s Music stuff

Jesse von Doom

CASH Music...does some bandcampy stuff

CASH Music still doesn’t do physical

shirts at a decent price? Genius! get a free account!

with bandcamp when you do signup with an have to download.

CASH Music now working with mailchimp

probably going to continue to use it

problems with bandcamp too!

If you have a google or amazon account, you can connect right to CASH Music!

Moving on to the next single!

Maybe a new one in a couple weeks

Comparison of downloads from previous releases?

Manchester Wisconsin,_Jackson_County,_Wisconsin,_Green_Lake_County,_Wisconsin

Did a small run of ads...facebook ads

facebook is good for facebook likes

twitter campaign with promoted tweet...which is different than a suggested tweet. suggested tweets are fast and furious

Google AdWords is still a powerhouse!

Social Media for being social

What about Jamendo and FMA?

Taking December off

TINT now on Sunday nights

The last TINT, with Ryno: this-is-not-tinap-tint-episode-16-college-gridiron-special

Other TINTs involve Kevie, from CCJam: