Sunday, August 18, 2013

CCJam - 130818 - Music Manumit Podcast

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In this episode:
We talk with Kevie of Unseen Studios

Here are Doug's notes from the show.

We had Kevie on almost exactly a year ago: link

TuxJam website is still there...maybe

What’s new with Unseen Studio?

Crivins apparently annoys people:

Tell Us A Bit About CCJam

He’s got a new project:


Doug brings up Radio Free Ferall

Kevie wants a combination...not just from fans, but also from bands.

afk = away from keyboard

As a European (even if the British don’t always see themselves that way), what do you think of C3S?

Hadn’t heard of them.

What do you think of our attempts so far with TINT (This is Not TINAP) to break CC Music out of the free culture bubble?

Next step?

Kevie says: needs to get away from just the inner circle

Doug’s Big Picture CC stuff and conversations he’s been having


Unfortunately, people don’t know about Jamendo. US vs. Europe divide on FMA vs. Jamendo?

Jamendo does show stuff, but do they need to fix how prominent it is?

Smaller Picture CC stuff:

(1) Crete Boom (you can read Seo's comments in the chat on the right)
(2) Louis Lingg and the Bombs
(3) Dead Unicorn (yes, they are in for the free culture license)
(4) Tryad (Andrew)
(5) Eric Steuer ( is the track he gave permission for the 4.0 release)
(6) Lorenzo's Music (Tom)

Let Doug know if you want to get involved in the compilation!

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