Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jazzcast Summer Series: Episode #5 with Kevin MacLeod

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After a crazy wedding weekend, the 4th of July (well, technically, it's not after the 4th right now) and recording a couple more shows, I'm finally getting out the show that should have been out on Monday. Oh well.

Last week's guest, Kevin MacLeod, has his own Wikipedia page. You might learn some things to add to the page during this week's show. If you don't find anything new, you'll definitely find something on Ryno's Jazzcast After Party. And if you're looking for his complete catalog, check out

All tracks on the show are by Kevin and are released under CC BY (Attribution)

Thanks as always, to Ryno, for twiddling the knobs.

See below the fold for the puny show notes I took during the show.

Uncharted territory: No set interview questions for the Jazzcast!

Someone did the Jazzcast for him nice

Track 1: “Faster Does It” -- new software: Trillian upright bass

Track 2: “Acid Jazz”
acidish jazz. a really old track. often have to bone up very quickly

varies by season how much he does by itself


Track 3: “Vibe Ace”

...because vibraphone

How did you get started?

Track 4: “Backed Vibes Clean”
not normally gonna get heart monitors or clocks in jazz. Needed a super-moody piece.

early on he wrote musicals. writing for voice is hard.

almost never do hard coding these days.

Track 5: “Groove Grove”
highly, highly produced!