Friday, June 14, 2013

7. NEF Board Member Josiah Barbour
Listen and find out how Tottenham fits in to Music Manumit

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Expected Audience: 
people interested in patent policy and those interest in the Netizen Empowerment Federation

Welcome back to the Music Manumit Lawcast! It's been a while since we've put out a podcast. We should be putting out one a week this summer. They'll be shorter than last summer, and it'll just be Doug and a guest. Also, Brian should be coming out with some shows on trademark law.

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Josh and Doug cover a lot of ground. Expect a more focused show next time, when Doug speaks with Alex Owczarczak.

Show notes after the break

Intro from Doug about NEF, MML and Sportazine
discuss the multiple audiences

Can you speak a little about your background?
2004, BS in Chemistry from Elon
went to Colorado, Boulder
worked in San Diego

Doesn’t like being a chemist!

What is your focus in patent law?

Copyright and trademark law background?
Died-in-the-wool punk-rocker

Copyright policy vs. Patent policy?
objectives are very different

Broad sense?
Access to educational material is similar to access to medicine

What do you see your role as in NEF?
Guiding hand to keep other board members on topic ← this is an inside joke of sorts
Eventually get to the point where NEF is more than an

Patent stuff in public interest?
Orphan disease list
bringing multiple groups together: private labs, etc.

Profit-center vs. giving away?
Music is a powerful tool for moving causes forward: think of the 1960s.
Drive the story and awareness!

Conflicts of interests?
polio vaccine was patented and then dedicated to the public domain, because it is “the right thing to do”

Pharmaceutical research is incredibly expensive. Billions of dollars!

And, just because Tom hates it when I ask sports questions and I have the opportunity without him here: who do you think will win the EPL next year?
If rumors are true, Mata is gone.
City, not a legitimate threat?

Currently only limits insolvency.

Is there anything else you would like to say?
3-way fight between United, Chelsea, Spurs

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