Sunday, June 2, 2013

3rd Anniversary - 130602 - Music Manumit Podcast

Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan restriction sign

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It's our 3rd anniversary show!

Here is a rundown of what Doug and Tom talk about this episode.

Here was our first episode.

opening banter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell is the deal with YouTube and Hangouts?

Tom read an article! (music marketing in particular!)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs:,96221/

Doug mentions in relation to the fair use debate

Doug asks: What’s going on this weekend with Lorenzo’s Music?

Hopefully video will follow

Paulie’s Gift is the foundation for school music programs

starts tonight Happened Friday, May 31-June 1st


Join us in celebrating the life and memory of our friend Paulie Heenan.
Saturday Night June 1st starting at 7pm (central time) the line up will be:
7pm - Cowboy Winter8pm - Lorenzo's Music
9pm - All Tiny Creatures10pm - Solid Gold11pm - A tribute to Paulie featuring his unreleased music

Doug asks: so why are we not doing a Grooveshark/ DJ thing? (Doug will also offer his opinion on the matter)

Also, some of those don’t work in Germany (for Marc) requires login to listen

Doug is out of town. Doug had computer issues and to top it off, Doug is sick.

Doug asks: what did it take for you to stop having JACK problems after a reboot?

All about permissions.

Tom’s Tool of the Week:

“much pretty damn good”
“basically a musician CMS”

Lots of incentives to move!

Feel free to Donate to CASH Music!

Download codes are cool!

Jazzcast/Punkcast Update:

First Jazzcast is out: link

Edy ( guy), Andrea (of FMA), Marc (amsterdammack), Kevin MacLeod (musician). Let Doug know if you want to get involved!

Punkcast (just gonna be monthly during the summer):

David Rovics show should be out early next week. Available now on YouTube.

Louis Lingg and the Bombs live on June 4th (details on others still being worked out)

Jamendo App Competition:

Jurgen is ok with us going live now:

Ryno doing an interview series.

Coming Up:

Ryno and Doug doing a one-off show.

08 -

15 -

21 - Dr. Zilog

05 - A brief encounter!

04 - Azoora (soundcloud response on April 27)

09 - Tom and Doug JAZZ SHOW?

21 - Saturday - Freak Fandango Orchestra (we are supposed to ask them if any of them are married)