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Uhh! - 130317 - Music Manumit Podcast

South by Southwest Interactive 2009 - SXSWi - ...
South by Southwest Interactive 2009 - SXSWi - Austin TX (Photo credit: David Berkowitz)

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In this episode:
We talk a little bit about SxSW and music conferences.
Does google reader shutting down effect musicians?
Jamendo music licensing.
Mailing lists vs. social media.
All this and more in this weeks show.

Here are the notes and links Doug took during the recording.

This is the week where the music show will be recorded separately. Basically, this is the old format for this show. or don’t!

Should we do a drink of the week segment?

Last week’s joint show: mixed reviews.

Doug asks: Did anything interesting come up during SXSW? (in Toronto)

Jamendo news! Tag properly!
New app: Takes (photo/video)

Doug asks: Did any music education show up during Open Education Week?
Doug hasn’t been keeping up with Open Education Week because, ironically, he has been working on a paper on Open Education! His next paper is on transparency and the TPP, so if you have things to say about TPP, ACTA and other international IP regimes, get in touch at

In the news:

Doug asks: Is RSS an important tool for musicians? Music business blogs? Is it an important way for musicians to connect with fans?

Tom says it is important.

Tom responds, what about feedburner?
Tom’s Tool of the Week
mailChimp. 2000 subscribers before paying!
mailChimp has details!
segments, evergreens!
used to be fan bridge because for musicians...then branched out.

More in the news!

2013 Policy Outlook:
Safe Harbors are Go!

Coming Up!
Doug’s music show theme this week: Night
Next week: Video show!
Last week of March, show with Brian of the Lawcast and Casey of Future of Music Coalition!

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