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Hangin' Out - 130331 - Music Manumit Podcast

Easter goose 2006
Easter goose 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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In this episode:
+Doug Whitfield and +Tom Ray talk to each other on Google+ Hangout, discussing things like,
What is Jamendo's api doing?
Freak Fandango Orchestra opens up it's lyrics for a song.
Soundcloud updates it's mobile app, now they can access sets.

This and more!

Here are Doug's notes that he took during the show.

Last week’s disaster:

Doug asks: How was your day? Mine was weird! (but not in a particularly interesting way)

Ghetto Boys and Pixies!

Ghetto Boys are crass.

Doug asks: Any thoughts on March Madness?

NO! Just gambling!


baseball is coming!

Doug asks: Who would be interested in a Jazz show?

Band site issue! Make sure sub-domains are going to stick around!

can be very useful though!

Doug asks: Does Amarok have a built in Jamendo database?

the one in rhythmbox and Guayadeque appears broken

Tom has moved on to AV/Linux. MPlayer or Totem. Just says “movie player”!

Jamendo API did change!

Lots of Jamendo stuff turned messaging

Whatever happened to Songbird?

Doug’s things of the week!

Egyptian Licorice and Mozilla!

Tom’s Tool of the Week:

ALPHA: playlist thing by Jurgen of Freak Fandango Orchestra

More Freak Fandango Orchestra? Google Doc

In The News!

Ed Sullivan and Fair Use: link
7 seconds ok, IN THIS BIOGRAPHY CONTEXT (sampling for repeated use in music, almost certainly still not ok, unless clip is licensed under a license allowing remix!).

CC Filmmakers:

Jonathan Coulton writing for a web cartoon!

Coming Up!

Next week, still up in the air, but after that, we’ve added Ryno the Bearded!

Happy Easter and Passover!
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