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Gurdonark - 121113 - Music Manumit Podcast

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In this episode we talk with the musician Gurdonark.

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.


Give us an overview of your project
name comes from Gurdon, Arkansas

Co-owns Negative Sound Institute

Ambient, but not pure ambient
unobtrusive and fun

Attribution as much as possible

lots of people find stuff through ccmixter!

has been contacted to special stuff.

“fun to short-order cook”

Do you play any instruments, or is it all electronic?
mostly electronic
nose flute: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nose_flute
mountain dulcimer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appalachian_dulcimer

he doesn’t play live


What are your ambitions for the project?
10 years now!
electric football field?
electric football field!!

A bunch of stuff in Oslo with Susan, which we had back
white cube has a special meaning in art circles

What drew you to Creative Commons?
grease the wheels (we didn’t actually ask this...he answered it for us!)

Why do you use the the license you use?
Susan at ccmixter and
he avoids -NC as much as possible.
we have a brief discussion


Bollywood models on YouTube!

We had Headphonica on the show nearly two years ago, so we know about them, but can you tell us a little about Classwar Karaoke?
Classwar Karaoke is released quarterly. They release video and music! It’s disparate and yet connect

Find the tracks at: http://freemusicarchive.org/search/?quicksearch=gurdonark

What is the Creative Commons culture like in Texas?
suburban north Texas (an exurb!)
edge of Texas prairie

What are your other projects, if any?
commercial litigation!

Gurdonark is on Spotify! (playing nose flute)

I don’t know if it is your art, but did you hear about the Apple podcasting patent??

cataloging images!? Gurdonark says obvious!

Sharing culture has an economic basis! It’s not just for hippies!

What are some of your favorite bands/artists/genres, CC or otherwise?
CC ones: Dave Kiefer (aka Cagey House http://us.myspace.com/cageyhouse), C.reider again (experimental), Entertainment for the Braindead,

Ambient: Wilkerson, hypnose (non-CC label)


guitar, but not too poppy!

85% netlabel!

Tomahawk! http://www.tomahawk-player.org/

Who are some people you think we should try to get on the show (aka, who are the important people in Creative Commons music today)?

Cagey House again

Phillip Wilkerson - http://www.phillipwilkerson.net/

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?
Gurdonark commands! Help get the word out! (for everyone, not just for him)

Creative Commons needs to be Android, not “Linux”

mail art!

We Are All Ghost - something will be out in the next 30 days
“Open Spaces” is the name of the EP
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