Monday, November 19, 2012

Crete Boom - 121118 - Music Manumit Podcast

Crete Boom - Honest Lovers

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In this episode:
We talk with Seo Cahill of the band Crete Boom

Here are the notes Doug took of the interview.

We’ve played Crete Boom twice (actually three track was a repeat!)

They’re everywhere!

Is it “cret,” “creat,” “cret-e” or something else?
Crete like the the Island
Seo has been usurped by Search Engine Optimization
Shaun = John!

Where did the project name originate?
Ship sunk in the middle of the river
Seo is in Vancouver now. He was in San Francisco.

Tell us about the band!
jazz pop! ….I’m not buying it!
Seo’s brother tries to keep things under control

“Hell Goes Round” got worse with recording...apparently

What drew you to Creative Commons?
These albums appear to have the proper release dates:

Why do you use the the license you use?
Emma suggested -NC initially.
Seeing people use the work is worth more than a few quid!

What is the Creative Commons culture like in Canada/Ireland?
Vancouver is full of hipsters!
Standard of music released under CC is getting better!

FMA is curated...and thus awesome

High Fidelity:

What are your other projects, if any?
“100 Motels is an idea I have to help independent musicians like myself get out on tour without industry backing or paying to play.“

What is 100 Motels?
not commercial just yet, but the features work.
You can sell tickets without the committment.
Is touring different in America than Europe? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

The name comes from Zappa’s 200 Motels:

no guitar in Vancouver! He’s traveling light!

Any successes you want to share?
people use facebook to get in touch with videos and such

Just do an Internet search for your city!

“Them Bones Needs Oxygen” is the best record according to the band.

What are some of your favorite bands/artists/genres, CC or otherwise?
He listens to everything! Mostly on Grooveshark!
He’s loving the new CC stuff.
beat music!
hip hop! Wu-Tang. Beastie Boys.
Manchester stuff

Who are some people you think we should try to get on the show?
Emma Carroll in Brisbane.
Jet Welder

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?
Music scene in Vancourver looks big, but not people in the venues!

Metallica types from big golden toilets!

Do you really want to be the American Idol?