Monday, October 1, 2012

Segment - 121001 - Music Manumit Podcast

File icon for Transmission torrent file
File icon for Transmission torrent file (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In this episode:
We had a misscheduled interview and while we were waiting Tom talks about his problem with the new release of GIMP.
We also talk about some of the recent music podcast choices.
And we want to know something? Bit torrent, how do you use it?

That and more.. check Doug's notes below.

Songs for Snakes Album

Music Show - link

Dom and Dubstep:
Whoa on the Whoas!

Bittorrent Booming
Too Legit To Quit: 124.2m Legal BitTorrent Music Downloads in 2012
Pirate Bay Founder Arrest Followed By $59m Swedish Aid Package For Cambodia

App -

College Radio in the summer!! woohoo!!

More on Amanda Palmer: