Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music Licensing - 120923 - Music Manumit Podcast

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Ogg Vorbis (Photo credit: jpstanley)

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In this episode:
We discuss some of the music licensing site out there, and Tom wants to know your thoughts on them or what others there are.
Amanda Palmer got a lot of people mad, should they be?
There's a new dropbox competitor that has bittorrent built in. Does it need it?
All this and more in this weeks episode!

Here are Doug's notes from the show.

A story going around the tell.

Best Amanda Palmer song ever (not Doug’s’s the truth):

FUN FACT: Kelly Deal created a band called Kelly Deal 5000 with the lead singer of Skid Row.

Jingle Punks -

Audio Jungle -
similar...but different!
Terms of Service Gauntlet!
Jamendo services!
ReverbNation - Louis Lingg and the Bombs is there.
SonicBids ← dinosaur!

Are torrents making a comeback? thinks so!
dropbox competitor adds bittorrent support
demonoid will-the-comeback-kid-return

Best Buy just bought Napster!

TuneCore co-founders...might have been “let go”

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