Saturday, August 4, 2012

Music Only - 120803 - Music Manumit Podcast

Pajaro California Monterey County
Pajaro California Monterey County (Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious)

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Doug's Susan's Picks, Week 2! (all CC-BY-NC)
More music picks this week from friend Susan at
  1. Impromptu in A by DoKashiteru
  2. Breathe by copperhead
  3. Close to Mike (Jazz Mix) by Jeris (VJ_Memes)
  4. Kind of Girl (Chocolate Box Mix) by spinningmerkaba (jlbrock44)
  5. Listen To Me by The.Spirit.Of.Light (thespiritoflight)
  6. Corazon/ Sin Direcion/ Una Can... by HEJ31 (Haskel)
  7. Dark side of the heart by colab
Tom's Picks
  1. "Santa Leone" by Pajaro (Garage, Surf) - CC-BY - Website
  2. "Come On Down" by Waylon Thornton (Lo-fi, Surf) - CC-BY-NC-SA - Website
  3. "This is the End" by springtide (Indie-Rock, Garage, New Wave) - CC-BY-NC - Website
  4. "Flying pea v.1" by Daddy_Scrabble (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Chill-out) - CC-BY-NC-SA - Website