Friday, July 6, 2012

Music Only - 120706 - Music Manumit Podcast

Bomb the Music Industry!
Cover of Bomb the Music Industry!

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Doug's Picks - Annual Post-July 4th Tribute to Free Speech
  1. "Bomb The Music Industry! (And Action Action) (And Refused) (And Born Against) Are Fucking Dead." by Bomb The Music Industry! (post-punk) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
  2. "Fuck You" by Los Suppozitos (punk) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
  3. "Villa Novel (I Ain't That F-n Cool, and Neither the F- are F-n You)" by U Can Unlearn Guitar (lo-fi acoustic) - CC BY-NC - Website
  4. "Fuck You" by Louis Lingg and the Bombs (punk) - CC BY-NC - Website
  5. "Fuckers Theme" by The FuckFuckFuckers (acoustic pop) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
  6. "Fuck The War" by Ralph Buckley (rock) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
Tom's Tracks
  1. "Let Me Go" by STEEP (Rock) - CC-BY-SA - Website
  2. "Insane" by b-Shake (Rock) CC-BY-SA - Website
  3. "Black Paint" by Garmisch Partenkirchen (Pop, Post-Rock) - CC-BY-NC-SA - Website
  4. "Four" by Rob Hunter (Pop, Glitch) - CC-BY-NC-SA - Website