Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3. Glyn Moody on the Collision of Copyright, Patents and Technology

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On today's show we had tech journalist and open source advocate Glyn Moody on the show to talk about the collision of copyright law and technology. We also sprinkle in some patent discussion for good measure. More show notes after the break.

After much fighting with audacity (lack of disk space and just outright crashes), this is finally out. I apologize for the unedited show notes, but I thought it more important to move on and work on releasing our other shows than to edit the show notes. If anyone thinks the show notes are lacking, I can go back and fix them up.

Collision of technology and copyright. Was no collision at the beginning of computing.

Moral Rights is all about reputation, just like Internet celebrity.
9-year-old girl had a blog. local politicians shut down a 9-year-old girl.

Anonymity can be a problem. Anonymity detracts from message.

Patent or Copyright reform, which is more pressing?
Some discussion of ACTA & TTP.
Copyright law impinges on everyone and thus more important

India and China have dealt with the patent issue.

What do you think of the new DPL?
DPL doesn’t address patent trolls. Useful maybe for large companies that become troll-like.

Intellectual Ventures is one of the big ones.

GPL did something that had never been done before.
DPL is not revolutionary, it is a bandaid.

Back to Copyright vs. Patent
Copyright problem is an extension of term, Nick says.
Patent problem is different.
Patents are a problem of scale, Glyn says.

Drug patents might be different, but new *ideas* can still be accounted for in new system

Kickstarter vs. IndieGoGo - mostly the same, but some different legal minutia across the pond.

ACTA has brought attention to the problems of GEMA and other collection agencies.
GEMA is out of touch with reality.
moar copyright!?!??

What are some of your favorite artists, either CC or otherwise?
loves Spotify - embodies abundance
listens to a lot of classical. playlists from an entire composer! 4 days of a composer’s music
folk music & ethnic music - both on Spotify
playlists of 100 performances of the same work -- a new way to explore artistic expression

Bloomsday is today. Ulysses is liberated today!

Anything else you would like to say?
Copyright was boring 20 years ago! Not any more.
Civil rights and civil liberties are now tied up with copyright.

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