Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Music Manumit Podcast - Stream or Download - 120403

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In this episode:
We ask the question, with the new streaming services for music like Spotify and Grooveshark and the old standard iTunes, is streaming the better direction for musicians or iTunes downloads? what do you use?
Doug mentions his new venture into a non-profit called Knowledge Militia and wants to know, first is this a crazy idea and is it a good name or do you have a better one.
And Freak Fandango Orchestra offers up one of their albums for remix.
All this and more! Check Doug's show notes and links below for more information.

So, “Knowledge Militia?”

First Lawcast Episode...mostly good, but a touch of fail: link

Document Freedom Day: Link

Freak Fandango Orchestra Remix! Link

Future Music Business Models: A Response: Link

Moar Remix! Call for remixers: Remix Swedish electropop artist Garmisch and be included on their forthcoming remix album! Link

What do you think of renting (spotify) music vs. owning and buying music? Link

Want to work with CC in Africa and Asia? Changes to our Regional Project Manager team: Link

Liisten is music discovery for the enthusiast or, put simply, an answer to the question, "What should I listen to?"
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