Saturday, March 24, 2012

Music Manumit Music Only Podcast - 120323

colar 11
colar 11 (Photo credit: mariana mansur)

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Tom's Picks
  1. "Sfioro" by Roberto Billi (International, Rock) - CC-BY - Website
  2. "Airuma" by Sul Rebel (Hip-Hop, Brazilian) - CC-BY - Website
  3. "Fjcb Reddit Gtr Fills Mix" by Phoephus (Blues) - CC-BY - Website
  4. "Brux in a box" by Psalters (International, Experimental) - Public Domain Website
Doug's Picks - Professor Kliq All Control Remixes (the first five tracks can be found together on SoundCloud and are all BY-NC-SA)
  1. "Harder than the Hard Version" by Professor Kliq
  2. "Remix" by BitBasic
  3. "Loses Control" by Pisu
  4. "Remix" by Akashic Grenade
  5. "012510" by Royb0t
  6. "A Troop of Echoes Loses Control" by DJ Dougernaut (electro-jazz) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
    This would be released under BY-SA, but both of the originals are BY-NC-SA, so obviously I kept that.