Friday, December 23, 2011

Music Manumit Music Only Podcast - 111223

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christmas 2007
Image by paparutzi via Flickr
Doug's picks - CHRISTMAS! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
yes, I am excited about finals being over
  1. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" by Lorenzo's Music (rock) - CC BY-SA - Website
  2. "Santa lucia (piano)" by Frozen Silence (piano) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
  3. "I Saw Three Ships" by James Edwards (instrumental) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
  4. "What Child Is This" by Jason Silver (pop) - CC BY-SA - Website
  5. "Feliz Navidad" by J.E.L.L.i (rock) - CC BY - Website
  6. "cc Joy to the World" by Joseph G Vincent (instrumental) - CC BY-SA - Website
    My track says "formally called Soujourner" but I think it probably means "formerly" This appears to have been taken off Jamendo for some reason, so ask if you want it. Joseph still has three albums on Jamendo, so it doesn't appear here's given up on CC.
Tom's picks
  1. "Christmas Day With Me" by Laura Vane & the Vipertones (Pop, Soul-R&B, Holiday) - CC-BY-NC - Website
  2. "December Radio" by Audiotransparent (Pop, Holiday) - CC-BY-NC - Website
  3. "Ride The Tide" by Schotel van de Dag (Pop, Holiday) - CC-BY-NC - Website
  4. "The First Noel" by Little Things That Kill (Pop, Holiday) - CC-BY-NC - Website