Saturday, November 26, 2011

Music Manumit Music Only Podcast - 111125

Karlheinz Stockhausen in the WDR Studio, 1991....
I just thought this pick of an electronic studio was awesome.
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Tom's Picks
  1. "Romance Keys" by Click Click Click (Rock, Sound Collage) - CC-BY - Website
  2. "Monkey Paw" by Chamomile (Loud-Rock, Experimental Pop) - CC-BY - Website
  3. "SLEEPING OUTDOORS" by voyageurs (Psych-Rock) CC-BY - Website
  4. "Give Them Virus" by Billy Bao (avant guard) - CC-BY - Website
Doug's Pick
  1. "Live on WFMU 10/25/08" by Adept (folktronica) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
Generally not a huge fan of electronic music, but this has some nice haunting stuff midway through.