Sunday, October 9, 2011

Music Manumit Podcast - Patryk Galuszka - 111009

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In this episode:
We talk with Patryk Galuszka and his research on netlables.

Show notes:
“Patryk Galuszka is a social scientist who specializes in cultural industries, especially the recording industry. He received his PhD in Management Science from the University of Lodz in 2008. During his academic career he has been a visiting researcher at The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne and research associate in the Digital Music Education and Training Project.”

An interview with Patryk Galuszka about his research on netlabels - link

  1. Give us an overview of the research you’ve done and the research you are doing?
The story starts in 2005-2006. Polish music industry - indie and major
9 Lives is gone. :(
Open Access Journal
Sony, Universal, Warner, EMI

  1. What specifically made you interested in netlabels?
mostly because it was different (2006-2007)

  1. Discussion about Figure 5 (Which license are most of netlabels’ releases published under?)

  1. What is the Creative Commons culture like in your region/country?
Creative Commons Poland
Global Summit in Warsaw two weeks ago (three when released)
audio something? <- wellknown experimental netlabel
Kamp - ?
  1. What are your thoughts on the relationship between CC and netlabels?
Traditional labels are intermingling with netlabels

Cologne Commons happened in 2009, 2011?

  1. people in a netlabel?
usually 1-3

From his
Your musical compatibility with netlabels is HIGH
Music you have in common includes Distemper, Talco, Sidekick Lupchen & the Bad Generation, Dead Kennedys and X-Ray Spex

Doesn’t like pop, mainstream music. Likin’ the rock. Seattle grunge & 60s music. PUNK ROCK? Isn’t that the type of music where people cut themselves with razor blades and knifes??? -
African tapes...yep, tapes!
  1. Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about (this can cover the other question about other projects)?
some sort of portal - missed the name