Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music Manumit Podcast - Hex Map - 111004

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In this episode:
We talk with the band Hex Map (formerly Clawjob).
There is one slight drawback, when I went to edit this episode I discovered that the audio was missing the first part of the interview!? I think the audio recorder that I used might have some how been set to a timer or something? Who knows?
We do have the show notes that Doug took during the episode so you can see some of the questions they answered. We are going to have to have them on the show again after they release their next album their working on.
There is still a good part of the conversation that was captured for you to listen to.
And be sure to check out the current album here.

Show notes:
Tell us about the band: who is in it, what do they play, etc?
“Hex Map on record is Mike and Nick. Hex Map in the flesh is Mike and Nick and Ernie and Ryan. "Cryptidography" is Hex Map's first record, and they're working on a new one right now. Yes, this very moment.” - from the website
NPR bumper music.
Do you/did you tour?

What was the inspiration for Space Crackers?
Framing device for songs

Also, Cryptidography is a bit of a concept album, right?
released 16 November 2010 from site

Tell us a bit about the difference between the two bands.
Live lineup has changed a couple times.
Hex Map is definitely harder...though there are times with Space Crackers...

What drew you to Creative Commons?
2006 was the first album and CC was the “in thing” then.
even before Clawjob they were interested in P2P software and such

What is the Creative Commons culture like in Boston (down the road from me)?
Don’t pay too much attention to it, but plenty of people are doing it.

Where did the project name originate and why the name change?
Clawjob was potentially scandalous.

What are your ambitions for the band?
2nd Hex Map record

What are your other projects, if any?
solo album: Nick - a couple of them were going to be Clawjob songs

Why do you use the the license you use?

What advice do you have for people wanting to release Creative Commons music in order to make money? is no longer useful.
Stay on top of new technology

What are some of your favorite bands/artists/genres, CC or otherwise?
Tommy (The Who, right?), Ziggy Stardust, The Kinks
The Cure