Monday, September 5, 2011

Music Manumit Podcast - Bootstrap & Flower - 110905

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In this episode:
Craig from Open MetalCast joins as Tom's co-host again on this episode.
Tom talks about the effort it takes to market your own band merchandise, after shipping out the first batch of EP's for his band Lorenzo's Music.
Tom's Tool of the week involves ways to make your band's website better with little effort using Twitter's new Bootstrap css and the CASHmusic Flower plugin.
Craig adds the method he uses to create separate feeds for ogg and mp3 files.
What are the pro and cons of having gear or having effects emulators on your computer.
And another debate over how and where to promote a band on social networks these days.
Craigtalks about his new classical music interest and using to find creative commons releases at the 78 rpm section.
All this and more in this weeks episode.