Sunday, September 11, 2011

Music Manumit Podcast - And we're back! - 110911

And we're back!
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In this episode:
Doug is back on the show and we also have a guest host Marc Hollenbach who hosts a live music show 3 hours every 2nd Sunday - and his website

Doug's how notes
(Marc) → After listening to the interview with the guy from 23seconds I was wondering if the Dutch have something similar to the Swedish: link

Not a lot too much to say about the music show: - Link

Pink Floyd - Link
[6:15:21 PM] Douglas A. Whitfield: Pink Floyd EMI

[2:20:10 PM EDT] Douglas A. Whitfield: Dischord Records
[2:20:40 PM EDT] Douglas A. Whitfield: both guys were in Minor Threat...don't know about the other 3

Open Video Conference - Link