Sunday, August 1, 2010

Music Manumit Podcast - Down The Rathole | 100801

Our guest this episode is Dan Lynch of Rathole Radio and the Linux Outlaws podcasts.

Topics discussed:
Places to find Creative Commons music and in the process we learn about Doug's occasional hankerin' for "soft-rock" and Bon Jovi.

How Dan got into creative commons based music and his first try at an indie on-line label.

We ponder the Hannah Montana Linux distro and why there isn't a metal one, which lead to a convo about KISS and Tom mentions his favorite Paul Stanley parody Dear Starchild.

Online music colabaration using sites like Kompoz (which Tom mistakenly called Komposer) and Ninjam.

And a couple of acronyms are mentioned.
BUTT for streaming on Icecast and
DWTFYWT - the REAL open license?

All this plus Doug questions Dan's British accent. :)

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