Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Music Manumit Podcast - ASCAP | 100811

Creative Commons SemaforoaImage via Wikipedia
In this episode:
We talk about the ASCAP letter to musicians asking for support (and money) to STOP creative commons.

We wonder and wait to see what this years Free! Music!
Contest at will have to offer.

Doug talks a bit about the Pirate Party in Sweden and the good effects of copyrite.

Open video participation - the YouTube "Life in a day" video project. How will they do it?

Users make the videos for the bands?! Visit and check it out.

Do you ever find the need for some stock video footage or collections of strange PSA films check out the Prelinger Archives

What services let you release music videos under creatve commons? Well... Check out! You even get a cut of the advertising revenue. Nice!

And Doug mentions the links he found proving Tom wrong about his original thoughts on how general copyright works

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