Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We now have a Last.fm group!

All of this has been said on the show or on the identi.ca group, but I wanted to make sure we had it on the RSS feed as well.

We now have a Last.fm group!

We are also busy uploading podcasts to our Last.fm artist page. Last.fm doesn't seem to be able to read our meta-data, but we'll get it figured out. We're also looking to get our talk shows up on libre.fm and Jamendo. Since we play -NC music on the podcast, it cannot go on Libre.fm

You can also find us on identi.ca and Diigo. If you don't want to join identi.ca, but want up to the second updates, you can get the identi.ca RSS feed. We have a GOOG bookmarks list too, but I think it's private. I'll double check and get that up here if it's public and talk to Tom about making it public if it isn't.

Don't forget we have an interview with Dan Lynch this Saturday at 1pm Central! Check out the IRC if you want to ask Dan questions. No need to signup. Your username will be temporary. The channel name is #musicmanumit.